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Actor Eddie McGee

Audition for TV Network recurring role


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Lisa coaches Performers & presenters

Public Speakers

Helping speakers develop their confidence techniques in physicality and voice in order to engage any size audience.


Coaching lawyers in their presence during closing arguments or anytime they have a jury as an audience.

Music Artist & Performers

Guiding and nurturing artist to find the emotional connection to their work and presenting it with truthfulness.

Client List


Robin Barnett-

"I was approaching the biggest day of my life…the release of my new book “Addict in the House”! My book launch party included a speech- and I was so nervous! I sought out Lisa Regina, for her amazing ability to assist with stage presence, public speaking and adding dramatic inflection to the words. I have to say that she not only gave me the confidence that I needed in my words, but also in myself. Working with Lisa was the absolute best thing I could have done! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs to do public speaking! Thank you so much Lisa!"   

Business Executives - TED TALK

   I found Lisa Regina when I was enormously confused by the question, “Where do I start.”  At 71 years old I was (sort of) retired from my third career as Chief Innovation Officer and VP of a 150-person business consulting company. For 18 years I had worked with business leaders of multinational companies in the US, Canada, Europe, Venezuela, and extensively in Saudi Arabia. (My first career was practicing dentistry and my second was as a university professor and associate dean.)  I was now ready to embark on my new career as a professional actor and did not know where to start.   Lisa was amazing. We acted together and watched the videotapes.  I was accustomed to public speaking and also making music but the camera was a very different and intrusive audience.  After about three hours with this woman I had some confidence, some new skills, and complete clarity about my path forward. It was quite amazing.   

Music Artists

 "Lisa Regina is in a league of her own and always will be. In such a crazy industry, Lisa continues to be dedicated and humble towards her students. One of the many reasons why Lisa stands out against other coaches is her heart. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are pushed to our fullest potential. Her hardworking and determined spirit is truly inspiring. I've never had a coach who has guided me and taught me the way Lisa Regina has." ___    MarissaAnn Rizzitello   


Ari Taub, Director - "with a keen eye and understanding of the business, Lisa Regina is a very talented acting coach. She challenges her students in a supportive atmosphere and prepares them for an audition in a film or commercial project. As an acting coach Lisa has compassion and understanding for her students, who are mostly entering the business at a very early age. Her unique style allows her to support each actor but she is not afraid to give criticism when it’s needed. I have watched students with very little acting experience come and take her class and reach levels in their ability that I did not think were possible. She provides a great environment where they can start and develop their work.I highly recommend Lisa Regina for any actor who wants to make it in this business.”

Actor - Michael Mazzeo

"I'm always busy with auditions and many times I've reached out to Lisa to help me with my sides. I can be a NYC street on my way to an audition and Lisa will make time for my call to discuss the character and details of the audition. She's always insightful and finds gems in the dialogue. Lisa is a passionate, honest acting coach and I highly recommend her to anyone in the industry."

People with Autism

"My clients and I have made some real break throughs in their social skills, speaking skills and labeling emotions. The progress has been very rewarding. My clients build their confidence and most of all, they are enjoying our acting sessions."

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