Heroic Episodes

Short Pilot: "The Shooters Nail"


Behind the scenes rehearsal with actors & Veterans

"The Shades" - promo Video

The Shades is an official selection of Cinequest Film Festival and Berlin Lift-Off Online Festival

"The Shades" -promo video

2019 Cinequest Film & VR Festival in San Jose, Ca

Premiere Dates: March 10,12, 14, 15 

Hope to see you there!

"We See You"

Anti-Bullying Video- 

Lisa Regina- Writer, Director, Producer 

"I find beauty in the simplicity of rhythm and images and power in silence."


Check out behind the scenes

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Lisa created this community project with the students of her alma mater, Triton High School in Runnemede, NJ. Lisa was thrilled to direct over 600 students who came out to support and bring to life Lisa's vision and message: to speak out against bullying and to never be a bystander.

Press Download article

'We see you'



"I love producing projects that give back. There is no greater feeling than bringing together people who believe and connect to a message.'



"I had to use a bullhorn to be heard and to direct over 600 high school students. The teens were patient, despite the freezing weather."



"Whenever I write a script, I try to offer my students a chance to build their craft and on set experience. My students are either acting in my project or they are part of the production crew."


Filming a video and casting the entire school in the project really empowers the teens and community leaders. 


"I had an image in my mind of hundreds of students united and standing against the bully.'


Taking the writing from concept to production to educate and empower.